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Are you facing these symptoms of dental problems?

Do you know that poor oral health can lead to other health problems such as heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, etc? Thus, maintaining a good state of oral health is crucial for overall health. You have to be committed to practicing good oral health. Merely two minutes of brushing twice a day, flossing, and visiting the private dentist in Basingstoke for a dental inspection. These activities can prevent many dental complications. People with poor oral health can even diagnose with life-threatening diseases such as oral cancer. Dentists educate their patients to prevent these common dental problems.

Common Symptoms of Dental Problems:

Pain In Teeth: One can feel severe pain in teeth while opening their mouth for eating and drinking. There might be difficulty in chewing because of tooth pain. The common reason behind teeth pain can be sensitivity, chipped tooth, cavities, etc. The dentist can suggest pain killer medicines like Ibuprofen to get some relief from pain. But if this pain continues for more than two days, then you need to visit the dentist.

Swelling: Have you ever felt swelling in your mouth around teeth and gums? If yes, then you need to visit the dentist immediately as this can be a serious problem because of a severe infection. Moreover, if swelling is accompanied by fever, then you don’t need to wait to go to the dentist. The common reasons for swelling can be tooth abscess, wisdom teeth eruption, gingivitis, etc. Sometimes dental swelling can be treated with medications and sometimes they can be treated with dental procedures such as root canal therapy, drainage procedure, and tooth extraction.

Tooth Sensitivity: If you are feeling acute pain in your teeth after eating or drinking something hot or cold, then it is a symptom of sensitive teeth. It causes pain and discomfort when you brush. Thousands of people feel the problem of tooth sensitivity. When you face sensitivity you should visit a dentist to find the cause of sensitivity. The common cause of sensitive teeth is the erosion of the outermost layer of the tooth, known as enamel. The dentist may advise fluoride or Desensitizing toothpaste to brush teeth. If sensitivity is gum related, then another common treatment is surgical gum graft.


It is advised to visit the dentist twice a year for a regular inspection so that you do not face these dental problems. This will save you from pain and discomfort.

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