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Benefits Of Dental Implants In Basingstoke

You may have considered dental implants in case of a missing tooth. There are many benefits of dental implants over other methods of tooth replacement. The process of dental implants is started by attaching titanium root to the jaw bone. This is followed by attaching the tooth at the top. It has a higher success rate than other dental treatments. It is convenient to replace one tooth or more teeth with dental implants as it prevents bone loss.

Benefits Of Dental Implants In Basingstoke:

Natural Look: Dental implants give a natural look and one can hardly spot the difference. Patients feel as if it’s the natural teeth and also function in the same way that natural teeth do. It also gives confidence to patients as they can laugh easily and engage socially. Furthermore, the color of the implant can be easily matched with the surrounding teeth and can be easily fit into the gap between teeth.

Eat What You Love: With dental implants, there are no restrictions on eating any food. With other treatments, such as dentures or bridges, there are restrictions in consuming several food items. But thanks to dental implants, you can eat whatever you want.

Natural bite: Dental implants restore natural bite, as it is attached with your jaw bone. So, it allows using the same force to bite as natural teeth do. Other possible treatments do not restore the natural bite. Furthermore, it also prevents changes in facial structure as it supports your mouth as natural teeth do.

Long-Lasting: With proper care, dental implants can easily last for years. In comparison to this, no other dental treatments can last so long, even some of the treatments cannot last for half of the time. Thus making it a permanent solution for tooth loss. Other dental treatments may require the need of repair after a certain period.

Private dentist in Basingstoke agrees that a dental implant is the best possible solution for the missing teeth. With dental implants, patients can maintain a straight smile, as it prevents misalignment of teeth due to gaps.

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