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Circumstances that leads to extraction of tooth

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a dentist removes the tooth completely from its socket. There can be many reasons for tooth extraction. However, dentists try to save the tooth from other restorative methods such as dental fillings, crowns, etc. But in some circumstances the tooth cannot be repaired, therefore tooth extraction becomes the only option. With the help of dental X-rays, a private dentist in Basingstoke will check the bone level to assess the extent of damage to the tooth. Furthermore, you should also share the details of your current medication with the dentist. This will help the dentist to decide on the correct option of sedation.

There are many benefits of tooth extraction such as it reduces the harmful bacteria from your mouth that can spread to the adjacent teeth. In case of severely damaged teeth, tooth extraction also gives you ease from pain.

Reasons Why Tooth Extraction Becomes Necessary:

Crowded Mouth: This situation occurs when the mouth has no space for teeth to grow straight. Thus teeth push against each other and result in misalignment. It also impacts your smile aesthetics. Moreover it becomes difficult for someone with overcrowded teeth to clean them properly. So, dentists may go for tooth extraction to create space in the mouth so that other teeth fit correctly.

Impacted Teeth: An impacted tooth is a tooth that is not emerged out of gum. It becomes a cause of pain in the teeth and also affects the position of adjacent teeth. The dentist will cut the gum and bone tissue that covers the impacted tooth. By using dental forceps dentist will pull out the tooth and then may stitch the place to close the gum edges.

Periodontal Diseases: It is a severe gum infection caused by the bacteria accumulated on your teeth and gums. This can damage the teeth if not treated in the earlier stage. Other symptoms of periodontal diseases are bleeding gums, receding gums, swollen gums, and pain while chewing. When the tooth is loosened dentist goes for the pull-out of the tooth.

Tooth Decay: Severe tooth decay can damage the pulp, thus leading to serious infection. When the infection reaches the pulp, then tooth extraction is suggested by the dentist to prevent further damage.

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