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Common Benefits of straight teeth

There are a lot of benefits to having straight teeth. Many times there can be complications in the teeth, it is known as malocclusion. It is the misalignment of the teeth. There can be many reasons for misaligned teeth such as genetics, grinding of teeth, gum disease, bone loss, thumb sucking, missing teeth, etc. You can visit a private dentist Basingstoke to resolve most of these complications.

Top benefits of straight teeth:

Better Digestion: Chewing food is the starting of digestion, as teeth and saliva break down the food. When you have straight teeth, they are better for chewing and breaking food. When the food is chewed in an improper way, it becomes harder for the stomach to digest the food. This can also lead to unhealthy gut and stomach issues.

Clean Teeth: It is easier to clean straight teeth as they are properly aligned and in good contact with each other. Crooked teeth make it difficult to brush as it becomes hard to reach crevices.

Better Health: Severe gum infection also known as periodontal disease, which is caused by misaligned teeth can lead to other health problems. For instance heart problems, dementia, and high blood pressure.

Clear Pronunciation: Teeth plays a critical role in your speech. When teeth are crowded, or have gaps it affects the speech of the person. Whereas with straight teeth a person can speak clearly.

Less Risk Of Infection: Debris and plaque are accumulated in the spaces between teeth as food gets trapped in these spaces. This plaque leads to the erosion of enamel and can cause cavities. When this bacteria reaches the gum it can cause severe infection and can also result in missing teeth.

Prevent Bone Loss: As crooked teeth increase the risk of tooth loss, it also increases the risk of bone loss. Once a tooth is lost, the bone does not get stimulation, and bone loss starts happening.

Chipped Teeth: Crooked teeth are difficult to clean, thus with poor hygiene teeth can become weak which can result in chipped and broken teeth.

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