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Common Causes Behind Gum Recession

Gum recession, also known as receding gums is a condition in which gums pull back from the teeth surface, thus exposing the tissues that surround the teeth. The pockets formed by gum recession make it easy for the bacteria to build up. It is a common dental complication that occurs gradually and is faced by many people. Dentists recommend not to ignore gum recession as it can cause tooth loss and damage the bone structure of teeth.

Instead, you should rush to a private dentist in Basingstoke to get the gums repaired and prevent them from further damage. The dentist will use the ruler to measure the depth of the pockets. If the size of pockets is more than 3mm, then it is a sign of gum disease. Common symptoms of this disease are swelling and bleeding in the gums, bad breath, exposed tooth roots, and pain in the gum line.

What are the Causes of the Gum Recession?

Poor Oral Hygiene: When you do not use mouthwash, do not brush and floss properly, it causes a buildup of plaque. Over time, the plaque becomes hard and turns into tartar. This begins to damage the gums, causing more pockets and fostering the growth of bacteria. Tartar can only be removed during dental cleaning.

Improper Brushing Technique: If you brush aggressively for a long time, it can cause your gums to recede and damage tooth enamel. You should brush gently without using force.

Teeth Grinding: When you grind your teeth, it puts pressure on your teeth which in result recede your gums.  If you feel that you keep on grinding your teeth, then you can visit a dentist to wear a custom-fit mouth guard at night.

Smoking: Smoking and consuming tobacco weaken the immunity system of people. So, it puts gums at the risk of infection as fighting bacteria becomes difficult for the body. Furthermore, the healing process also becomes complex for the person who smokes.

Diabetes: People who have poorly controlled diabetes have a high amount of blood sugar in their saliva. This fosters the growth of bacteria and can result in receding gums.

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