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Common Reasons Of Bleeding Gums

When it comes to oral health, you cannot forget about gums. They protect the roots of the teeth and help them to stay in their place. If you notice that your gums are bleeding or you are feeling pain and discomfort. Then it is a concern that should not be ignored and you should visit a private dentist Basingstoke. As the sooner your dentist diagnoses the problem, the better it is. There are many reasons behind bleeding gums.

Reasons for Bleeding Gums:

Poor Oral Hygiene: When you do not practice good oral hygiene, then plaque starts getting accumulated on your teeth. This plaque consists of bacteria that will lead to cavities. When this plaque gets accumulated on the gum line, then it leads to gingivitis, which is a form of gum infection. Bleeding gums is a common symptom of gingivitis. Women who are pregnant are also at risk of gingivitis because of hormonal changes.

Certain Medications: There are some medicines that can put you at risk of bleeding gums. Medicines that act as a blood thinner can make your gums bleed when you brush or floss. During your dental visit, you must inform about your current medications.

Improper Brushing: Sometimes people hurt their gums while brushing that can also be a reason for bleeding gums. You should use a brush with soft bristles as it will be gentle on your gums and will also remove plaque.

Diet: Diet plays an important role in your dental health in the same manner as it plays in overall health. When you consume foods that contain a high amount of sugar, it can lead to cavities and bleeding gums. Instead, you should eat vegetables and fruits that help in reducing the risk of bleeding gums. A vitamin-rich diet is also crucial for oral health as vitamin deficiency can lead to bleeding gums.

Stress: High stress can also contribute to bleeding gums and put you at risk of gum infection. When people are in stress they may forget to brush and floss, which can lead to gum infections and cavities.

Smoking: When you smoke cigarettes, you put your gums at risk of infection. For better oral health, you should quit smoking, or at least you can limit the number of cigarettes.

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