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Common Symptoms of Cavities

Cavities are the holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay. In general, there are three types of cavities, known as Smooth surface cavities, root cavities, and Pit and fissure cavities. You need to prevent cavities in order to keep your teeth in a healthy state. Some areas in your mouth are at high risk of cavities such as the chewing surface of molars, the space between your teeth, and the area near your gum line. Moreover, when you eat food items such as ice-creams, candies, soda, sugar, acidic drinks, cakes, cookies, and fruit juices. If you feel that you have cavities in your mouth, then don’t delay visiting a private dentist in Basingstoke. To confirm the presence of cavities, the dentist will conduct X-rays to check for dark spots or shadows on a tooth.

Symptoms of Cavities are:

Bad Breath: If you feel bad breath even after brushing and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, then this could be a sign of a cavity. As bacteria in the mouth grows in the cavities, it causes bad breath. It is different from the smell after you eat onions, as bad breath caused by cavities does not go away by brushing and flossing.

Bad Taste: Although there can be many reasons for bad taste. But if you are experiencing bad taste for a long period of time, then it may be due to the cavities in the teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity: If you experience pain and discomfort in the tooth when you eat something hot, cold, or sweet, then it is a sign of sensitivity. If you would ignore this symptom, then it can result in tooth decay. This pain is an indicator that you need to visit a dentist now. Furthermore, if you experience a hole in your tooth while touching it with your tongue, then it means you have cavities.

Dark Spots: If you observe some dark spots on the surface of your tooth, then these can be cavities. In beginning, they look like a spot, but later they can increase in size. At that moment, it becomes crucial for you to make a visit to the dentist.

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