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Conditions in which you need frequent dental visits

Although it's being suggested to visit the dentist every six months, there are many situations in which patients need to visit dentists more often. Regular dental appointments help in maintaining a bright and shining smile, good oral health, and identifying oral diseases. Unknowingly our many habits may lead to gingivitis, a type of gum infection.

Situations in which you need to visit Private Dentist Basingstoke frequently:

Diabetes: Diabetic patients are at higher risk of gum infection, dry mouth, and periodontal disease. Gum diseases can also increase blood sugar, thus making it more difficult to control. Therefore patients who are diabetic need to visit dentists frequently to detect and treat any gum infection early, thus making it less complicated.

Smoking: Smoking can be the root cause of dental problems like bad breath, discoloration of teeth, oral cancer, and accumulation of plaque. So people who smoke should visit dentists frequently to ensure better oral health. With dentist visits, smokers can make their teeth clean and check for the signs of oral cancer.

Certain Medications: There are some medicines such as Antihypertensive, Antihistamines, or Antidepressants that can cause dry mouth which can lead to tooth decay, cavities, and gum diseases.  So during dental checkups, you should share the details of your current medication with the dentist. For instance, if any medicine is the damaging tooth, then the dentist advises you to talk to the doctor to alter the dose.

Heath Diseases: There is a correlation between heart disease and oral health. People who have poor oral health are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, poor oral health also increases the risk of bacterial infection in the bloodstream that affects the heart valves. So, patients who have serious gum disease must visit dentists from time to time.

In addition, people who have a high intake of sugar must also visit the dentist frequently. Consuming sugar damages the tooth enamel. A dentist will suggest to you what food items to avoid to maintain healthier teeth.

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