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Different Ways To Control Toothache

If you are experiencing a toothache, then the cause behind it should be figured out such as swelling, injury, tooth decay, or other causes. It is extremely crucial to take care of your teeth as they grind food and helps to digest food. If you have strong teeth, you can eat whatever food you want to eat. When you experience tooth pain, it means that something isn’t right and something should be done to eliminate pain. If you are experiencing pain for more than two days, then you should rush to a private dentist in Basingstoke. The dentist will do the oral screening and address the issue that is causing pain.

Methods to Control Pain In Teeth:

Take Medicines: You can take pain killer medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get relief from pain. These medicines can be taken again after a gap of 8 hours. If you stop taking medicines after the first time, then pain is likely to return.

Rinse With Warm Saltwater: Another method to get relief from toothache is to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm saltwater. This will heal wounds and reduce inflammation. Furthermore, this solution will help in the release of debris stuck between our teeth. You can mix half spoon of salt in one glass of warm water. Remember you do not have to swallow it. Or else you can also use the solution of hydrogen peroxide to reduce pain. Dilute hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts to make a solution. This solution will eliminate bacteria and can prevent plaque.

Apply Ice Pack: You can apply an ice pack to the area from where the pain is radiating. Wrap the ice pack in a towel and apply to the jaw for 20 minutes. Repeat this process after every 3 hours. When you apply a cold compress it shrinks the blood vessels, thereby giving relief to pain and swelling.

Use Clove Oil: Take some clove oil in cotton and apply it to the tooth which is hurting. Clove oil is a natural antiseptic to relieve pain and inflammation. The other method to do this is that put a drop of oil in a glass of water to rinse your mouth.

Use Peppermint Tea Bags: Apply a little warm peppermint tea bag to the affected area as this will soothe the pain in your teeth. Moreover, you can also put the teabag in the freezer to cool down and then apply it to the affected mouth area.

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