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Diseases Caused By Poor Oral Hygiene

There are many disadvantages of poor oral hygiene. Not only does it cause harm to teeth, gums, and mouth. But it also causes damage to another part of your body. Although it is very simple to maintain good oral hygiene. One needs to brush, floss every day, and visit a private dentist in Basingstoke every six months. Maintaining good oral hygiene is also important for maintaining overall health.

Diseases that are caused as a result of poor oral hygiene:

Heart Problems: When you have poor oral hygiene, it can cause inflammation in the arteries thus putting you at the risk of a heart attack. In case of gum infection, the bacteria from your mouth enter your bloodstream. Thus causing elevated C-reactive protein which results in inflammation in blood vessels. It increases the risk of stroke. Moreover, bacteria also travel in the blood vessels throughout the body which can result in the formation of tiny blood clots.

Diabetes: People who maintain poor oral hygiene are at higher risk of diabetes. Poor oral hygiene makes an environment that fosters the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria can enter the bloodstream and weakens the ability of the body to utilize insulin in the blood. If you already have diabetes, then this can worsen the condition.

Osteoporosis: It is a condition in which bones become weak. When you have a severe gum infection then bacteria destroy the bone that supports the tooth.

Alzheimer's: It is a disease that causes memory loss that is caused by the shrinking of the brain and damage to brain cells. In case of gum infection, bacteria from your mouth can enter your brain and can cause damage to the cells f brain which can gradually cause Alzheimer's.

You can eliminate the chances of the above-mentioned life-threatening diseases by maintaining good oral health. Enjoy a beautiful smile and a healthy lifestyle with good oral hygiene.

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