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Factors That Affect The Long Lasting Of Dental Implants

The dental implant is the solution for a missing tooth that can last for a lifetime. Moreover, its real tooth look-alike ability and its durability make it a preferred choice for missing or lost teeth. With proper maintenance and care, dental implants can last comfortably for decades. But still, in very few cases dental implants fail. Private dentist Basingstoke gives you tips for the maintenance of dental implants.

An implant may move from its position, or you may feel pain while biting or chewing food, or there can be redness, pus, swelling, or bleeding around the implant. These are the common signs that show the implant is failed. So if you are also experiencing these signs, then you need to visit the dentist. A dentist may use local anesthesia to remove the failed implant. In some cases, an implant can be changed. Moreover, in case of a bone loss bone graft is used to regenerate bone tissue before placing an implant.

Possible Causes of Dental Implants Failure:

Poor Maintenance: You need to have good oral hygiene for maintaining dental implants. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a build-up of plaque, which can result in gum infection. This infection can cause bone loss. Thus leading to the failure of dental implants. You need to brush twice a day and floss daily. As well also limit your sugar intake and visit a dental hygienist twice a year.

Smoking: Smoking not only causes tooth discoloration, but it also put your gums at the risk of infection. Moreover, it also affects the blood flow of the area near the dental implants. Also, bone loss over time can also lead to the failure of dental implants.

Teeth Grinding: Sometimes unknowingly or while you sleep, people grind their teeth. This teeth grinding puts unnecessary pressure on the implant that can cause implant fracture, screw loosening, or crown porcelain fracture.

Other Causes: Sometimes medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and weak immune system can also cause the failure of the implant. Certain medications can also cause dental implants failure. Furthermore, poor design and improper placement of implants can also cause the failure of dental implants.

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