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Foods That Are not good with invisalign

We all know that Invisalign aligners are a good option to treat misaligned teeth. They have a list of advantages over traditional braces as you can eat food without being stuck in wires. Invisalign has a progressive approach and straightens the teeth in a gentle manner. You only have to visit a private dentist Basingstoke at regular intervals to monitor improvements. There is more restriction on the number of foods in traditional braces than in Invisalign aligners.

List of restricted foods with Invisalign:

Hot Drinks: Beverages such as tea and hot coffee should be avoided with Invisalign as they can warp the Invisalign aligners. You can only drink liquids that are lukewarm or cool. Moreover, these drinks also put the aligners at risk of stains. This will make the Invisalign look dirty and can also make the teeth look darker.

Sugar: As we know that food items that contain sugar or acidic food erode the enamel and can eventually cause cavities. So whenever you drink soda or acidic drinks it can get trapped under the trays, which can cause cavities and tooth decay. Even if you remove the aligners to eat the sugar and acidic foods, they can cause cavities as they remain on your teeth after you finish the food. When you wear the aligners again, this can lead your teeth to decay.

Sticky Candies: Sticky foods such as candies should be avoided with Invisalign as these foods can halt the process of straightening teeth. Chewy foods can damage Invisalign and it is best in the interest of Invisalign to avoid these foods.

Hard Foods: Hard foods should also be avoided with Invisalign as they can get the crack or chip the Invisalign. Then the dentist will have to change it, and unnecessarily the cost will be increased. For instance, if you are non-vegetarian, then you should avoid meat with bones.

Summarizing this, the foods that should be avoided with Invisalign are hard candies, chewy candies, caramel, chewing gums, jellybeans, raw carrots, hard bread, etc.

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