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What Are The Foods To Avoid That Can Damage Your Teeth

What you eat also has an effect on the health of your teeth. There are some foods that damage tooth enamel. Furthermore, it also affects your smile and how you feel about yourself. Some foods also contribute to cavity and gum infection. Cavities are the most common oral health disease that can result in pain, gum infection, and even tooth loss. In such a case, you need to visit an Emergency Dentist in Basingstoke. In addition to brush and flossing, these food items should be avoided

Foods That Damage Teeth And Should Be Avoided:

Sugar: Sugar is the most unhealthy food item for teeth and results in tooth decay. Sugar produces acid in the mouth. This acid damages the tooth enamel, thus occurs the de-mineralization of teeth. Over time, this destruction of tooth enamel causes cavities. A cavity is a hole in the teeth. This cavity becomes a home for bacteria which can cause gum infection and can even cause tooth loss. So, it's crucial to cut down on sugar for healthy teeth. Take a balanced diet during the day and avoid frequent consumption of sugar in any form. Brushing or washing the mouth after consuming sugar will avoid tooth decay.

Wine: Wine has a high amount of acids that erode the tooth enamel. Moreover, it also lefts stains on the teeth. You can brush before consuming wine but never brush after drinking wine as tooth enamel becomes softer. Thus brushing immediately after taking wine can erode the tooth enamel.  Instead, you can wash or rinse your mouth with water after drinking wine. And then wait for at least one hour to brush your teeth. One should limit the intake of wine for stronger teeth.

Pickle: Pickle contains vinegar and it is highly acidic in nature. Thus it erodes the tooth enamel and can result in sensitivity, discoloration, and cracks in the teeth.

Ice: Although ice is made of water. But it is so hard that chewing it can put your teeth at the risk of breaking or cracking them. Also, it wears down the tooth enamel. You can put ice in anything to make it cold, but don’t eat or chew it. Furthermore chewing ice can also damage the dental fillings.

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