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Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Many of you have taken the resolution to maintain good oral health. In addition to brushing and flossing you have to avoid some foods to keep your teeth stronger and stain-free. Furthermore avoiding these foods will also prevent tooth decay. Foods that contain sugar are bad for teeth and such food invites bacteria. This is result causes plaque that may damage tooth enamel. As a result, cavities are formed. Poor oral hygiene leaves a negative impact on your overall appearance, confidence, and social life. So avoiding these foods is worth it for your personal life also.

Foods Advised By Private Dentist Basingstoke To Avoid To Keep Teeth Stronger:


Foods that contain sugar are dangerous for your oral health. Sugar turns into acid in the mouth that destroys the tooth enamel. Foods like cake, cookies, and hard candies stick to the teeth and stay there for several hours. Limit such foods and if you consume such foods then do brushing and flossing after eating them. Doing this will wash away the sugar from the mouth and prevent tooth decay. If you are craving sweets then eat those which dissolve quickly.

Dried Fruits:

Furthermore, dry fruits like raisins, dates, and apricots are also dangerous for your teeth. No doubt these are nutritious but contain highly concentrated sugar due to the process of drying them. When people eat these they stick to teeth which in turn gives more time to bacteria to cause damage to the tooth enamel.

Soft Drinks:

Irrespective of the fact whether cold drinks contain sugar or not, they do contain acid. This will result in cavities. So avoiding soft drinks is better for your oral health. In case you drink a cold drink, never start brushing immediately after drinking it. Wait for at least 30 minutes and then brush. The acid in soft drinks weakens the tooth enamel, so brushing can cause further damage. The same is with wine. It also has corrosive acid that weakens your teeth. In addition to this, it also causes stains on the teeth. To combat this damage you can brush before drinking the wine.

Citrus Fruits:

Fruits like lemon, orange contains citric acid. This acid destroys the tooth enamel, thus putting your teeth at the risk of cavities. So, you can limit them to prevent your teeth. Even if you are drinking juice, drink it with a straw so the acids contained in the juice bypass your teeth.

Emergency Dentist Basingstoke also advises avoiding pickles and vinegar as these are highly acidic. In addition to this beverages like tea and coffee should also be avoided as they have sugar and leaves stains on the teeth. Avoiding these foods will be cherry on the top if you are brushing and flossing properly to maintain good oral health.

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