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Foods To Avoid For Stronger Teeth

Everyone wants stronger teeth, but you have to develop certain habits to make your teeth strong. In addition to oral hygiene habits, the foods you eat also impact your oral health. There are some foods that put your teeth at risk of decay or loss as they erode the tooth enamel. Whereas some foods, for instance, dairy items make the teeth stronger by strengthening the enamel. You can also visit a private dentist in Basingstoke for better tips about oral hygiene.

Foods that are harmful to your teeth:

Alcohol: Many of us know that alcohol is injurious to our body, but only a few of us know that it is also harmful to our oral health. When you consume alcohol, it dries out your mouth. We need saliva to keep our teeth healthy as it washes away the bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth decay.

Sour Candies: Sour candies are considered unhealthy for your mouth as it contains different types of acid. This lowers the pH level of your mouth and harms the tooth enamel which in turn will cause sensitivity. Moreover, it has a chewy texture that makes it stick to teeth for a longer time thus causing tooth decay.

White Bread: White bread is not at all healthy for your mouth, as saliva breaks down starch into sugar. It can also cause cavities as when you chew bread, it sticks between the spaces of your teeth.

Soda Or Soft Drinks: Carbonated drinks can damage your teeth as these liquids erode the tooth enamel. When you drink carbonated drinks often, the plaque built up on teeth produces more acid which breaks down the tooth enamel. Moreover, dark color soft drinks or cola can also put stains on your teeth. One more tip, do not brush your teeth immediately after drinking carbonated drinks as it will erode tooth enamel.

Potato Chips: Potato chips are delicious and are loved by many people as a snack, but few people know that these are not healthy for your teeth. As these chips contain starch in high amounts, which is converted into sugar as your start biting them. It gets stuck between teeth spaces which results in the increase of bacteria.

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