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How Gum infection can be treated?

If your gums bleed while brushing and flossing, then it means that you have a gum infection. Other symptoms of gum infection are red or swollen gum, pain in the gums, and experiencing pain while chewing. The gum infection can be treated in many ways. A private dentist in Basingstoke will inspect your mouth to check for the signs of gum infection. Treatment of gum infections depends on the stage of infection. It may be treated with medicines or it may require surgery.

Possible Treatment Options for Gum Infection:

Dental Cleaning: If the infection is in the initial stage, then it can be reversed with a professional dental cleaning. The dentist will remove the plaque and tartar from the gum line on the teeth. Visit a dentist twice a year, dental cleanings will prevent the accumulation of plaque.

Scaling: It is a deep cleaning process to treat gum infection. The process is non-surgical where dentists may use a local anesthetic to remove the plaque from the pockets developed between your teeth and gums. Furthermore, the dentist will smooth the rough spots on the teeth, this process is known as root planing. Smoothing removes bacteria and provides a clean surface for the gums to reattach to the teeth.

Bone & Soft Tissue Grafts: A bone graft is a procedure of replacing the bones destroyed by gum infection with fragments of bone or synthetic bone or donated bone. These grafts enable the bone to regrow to provide stability to teeth. Whereas in soft tissue graft, the dentist removes tissue from the roof of your mouth and attaches it to the mouth where the gums are receded.

Flap Surgery: This is also known as pocket reduction surgery. In this process, the dentist makes a cut in the gums and lifts them back. Then dentist removes bacteria and tartar teeth and under gums. And finally, gums are sutured which reduces the pocket gap.  This will prevent the build-up of bacteria under gums in the future.

Guided Tissue Regeneration: This is a technique in which a small piece of mesh-like fabric is placed between your bone and gum tissue to allow the bone to regrow.

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