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How private dentist treat Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus in the tooth as a result of severe infection. This is also known as a dental abscess. The patient experiences pain that radiates to the ear or neck due to an abscessed tooth. When it reaches in the advanced stage, this can become life-threatening. The types of dental abscesses are being classified on the basis of location. Types of dental abscess are Periapical abscess, periodontal abscess, and Gingival abscess respectively. Periapical is the abscess at the tip of the tooth, whereas periodontal abscess is at the supporting bone of the tooth, and Gingival is on the gums. The common causes of an abscessed tooth are cavities, gum diseases, and cracked or broken teeth.

Treatment Of Dental Abscess By Private Dentist In Basingstoke:

Root Canal Treatment: It is one of the best methods to treat an abscessed tooth. Dentists drill your tooth to clean the pulp and then clean, shape and fill the empty space. Followed by this, the dentist will put a crown to restore the teeth and make sure it restore it to function like a natural one. If you take its proper care, then it can work for a lifetime.

Drain The Abscess: This is also a common method for treating a dental abscess. The dentist will make a cut to the abscess so that the pus is drained out. Followed by this, the dentist will clean the area by using saline solution. Then abscess is covered with dressing so that it absorbs more pus produced after the procedure. You can know the cause of bacterial infection by asking the dentist to send the sample of the pus to the lab.

Abscessed Tooth Extraction: If the tooth has been deeply infected, then the dentist will extract the abscessed tooth to get rid of the infection.

Medications: If the infection is transmitted to the adjacent teeth, then the dentist may prescribe some antibiotics to stop the spread of further infection. Moreover, antibiotics are also prescribed when the patient has a weak immune system. As it put the patient at risk of spreading the infection. Meanwhile, patients can also take pain killers to manage pain.


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