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How Regular Dental Check Ups can save your teeth

Teeth are the most important part of the human body as they chew the food and help in digestion. Poor oral hygiene can impact the overall health of an individual. To maintain good oral hygiene, regular dental checkups conducted by a private dentist in Basingstoke are important. During the checkups, dentists look for several dental issues that can cost you a tooth. The dentist continues the best treatment to cure the dental disease.

Benefits of regular dental checkups:

Check For Cavities: Cavities are small holes on the tooth surface. During the dental check-up, the dentist will conduct an X-Ray of your mouth to identify the cavities in your mouth. The common cause of cavities is plaque, which is a combination of bacteria, acid, debris, and leftover food particles. There are many options for the treatment of cavities. The treatment is decided on the severity of the condition. Cavities can be treated by dental fillings, crowns, deep cleaning, fluoride treatment, root canal treatment, and tooth extraction. When you visit a dentist regularly, there are possibilities that cavities will be identified by the dentist in the initial stage.

Gum Diseases: When you have a gum infection or treatment in the earlier stage, you can hardly notice or observe any signs. But luckily dentists are trained to identify the signs of gum diseases in the initial stage. The common causes of gum infection are poor oral hygiene, certain medications, hormonal changes, illness, and smoking. Symptoms of gum diseases are bad breath, swollen gums, sensitive teeth, and shifting teeth. Treatment of gum disease can be done by deep cleaning, scaling, root planing, and medicines.

Dental Decay: Tooth decay is the damage to the tooth which can result in dental abscess and in some situations tooth loss. In general, there are five stages of tooth decay namely Initial demineralization, Enamel decay, Dentin decay, Pulp damage, and Abscess. The treatment of dental decay depends on the stage of dental decay. In the initial stage, fluoride treatment can work whereas in the advanced stage dentist can conduct a root canal treatment.

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