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How To Maintain Tongue Hygiene

Many people spend a lot of time maintaining teeth and gums in a good state. But they forget to clean their tongue. With the help of the tongue, one can identify the taste, it also helps in speaking clearly and getting food to pass down the throat. It is very crucial to maintain the hygiene of your tongue as over time bacteria are accumulated on it. Cleaning your tongue will remove bacteria and dead cells which in turn improves the sense of taste. Furthermore, tongue hygiene also reduces bad breath by removing the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Moreover, the cleaning of the tongue also improves its appearance as it removes the white coating that is build up over time. Last but not least is it improves overall oral health as when you clean your tongue it removes the bacteria which cause cavities and gum infections. You can also visit a Private dentist in Basingstoke for regular cleanings.

Tips To Clean Your Tongue:

Clean When You Brush Your Teeth: This is the easiest and simple trick to clean your teeth. When you brush your teeth in the morning and evening extract some time to clean your tongue. You can do it by gently rubbing soft brush bristles. Or you can buy a tongue cleaner to do it. With tongue cleaner just pull out your tongue and clean it from the back. Once you are done with cleaning, also wash the tongue scraper.

Visit Dentist: You can visit the dentist every six months to examine the tongue. The dentist will look for lumps, sores, bumps, or any other signs of oral cancer. During the visit, you can also ask for tips to make your tongue clean.

Stay Hydrated: It is important to drink more water and stay hydrated. This will let less accumulation of leftover food on the tongue. Furthermore, you can also rinse your mouth with warm water mixed with salt. Gargle and swirl this water with your tongue. This will wipe out the bacteria on the tongue and you will feel fresh and improve the taste.

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