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How to make teeth cleaning less painful

Teeth cleaning visits are very painful and uncomfortable. Plaque and debris are built up on your teeth which can cause many dental problems such as cavities, gum infection, tooth decay, and much more. Moreover, there is a correlation between oral health and the overall health of the body. Teeth cleaning will prevent gum diseases, give you fresher breath, prevent tooth loss and result in healthy gums. A private dentist in Basingstoke begins the teeth cleaning with an inspection of the mouth. The dentist will use a mirror to check teeth and gums to check for the signs of gum infection. If there is plaque and tartar buildup, the dentist will use the mirror and scalar to remove them.

Tips for less painful teeth cleaning:

Take Painkillers: You should start painkillers such as ibuprofen before and after the teeth cleaning. Take one hour before the teeth cleaning is started and the other one after 6 hours of teeth cleaning. If your gums are bleeding, then take advice from the dentist.

Change Toothpaste: When the enamel starts eroding, your teeth become sensitive to hot or cold food items. During the teeth cleaning, you will also feel pain because of sensitivity. Before 3 weeks of teeth cleaning, start using a toothpaste that has potassium nitrate to minimize the sensitivity. Furthermore, don’t over brush as it can also damage your tooth enamel and make your teeth sensitive.

Ask for numbing topical: Request your hygienist for topical anesthesia to numb the tissue as it will minimize the pain. Furthermore, you can also request a local anesthetic such as Mepivacaine to eliminate the pain. It will be a wise decision to inform the dentist in the advance to arrange for a local anesthetic as many dentists do not keep these drugs with them.  Also, you can agree to a dentist for a signal if you feel pain or uncomfortable. You can raise your hand to make a signal.

You can also ask the dentist to explain the process of teeth cleaning and the instrument dentist is going to use. Doing this will may reduce your stress.

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