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Missing Teeth? You Have These Options To Replace Them

Sometimes you miss a tooth or more teeth. There can be any reason for teeth loss such as tooth decay, infection, cavities, injury, accident, etc. Adults only get a set of teeth once in a lifetime. There are many solutions at dentists for replacing a single tooth or many teeth. All these solutions for replacing teeth are different from others in terms of process and cost. Every solution has its own pros and cons. Visit a private dentist in Basingstoke to discuss all the possible options of replacing teeth with their pros and cons.

Common Options To Replace Missing Teeth:

Dental Implants: It is the best option to replace a single tooth or miss many teeth at different locations in your mouth. The dental implant looks like a real tooth and can last for decades. In this process dentist surgically mount a titanium frame into the jaw and the replacement tooth also known as the crown is mounted. It requires surgery and can take months to heal completely.

Fixed Bridge: This is an option that works best when you have a tooth or series of teeth missing in the same area of your mouth. It requires a bridge that has an artificial tooth and two crowns that are fixed to either adjacent side of the missing teeth. The bridge is being then cemented into the place of missing teeth. They look like natural teeth and are less costly than dental implants.

Removable Partial Dentures: If you have lost all your teeth, then you need a complete denture. But when you have some missing teeth, the dentist will recommend a removable partial denture. It consists of replacement teeth with a gum-colored plastic base. The dentist will design your partial denture. They are less expensive and can be replaced and repaired easily. However, you might take some time to adjust to wearing them. Moreover, the dentist will give you instructions about how to wear it and remove it, and for how much time you have to wear it.

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