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Missing tooth replacement is the need of the hour

There can be plenty of reasons behind tooth loss such as gum disease, injury or accident, genetics, tooth decay, poor dental hygiene, etc. Teeth are an important part of your body as they help in chewing and grinding of food which improves digestion, and pronunciation of words, and contributes to your lovely smile. There are four types of teeth found in the human body Incisors, Canines, Pre-Molars, and Molars respectively. You can also consult with a private dentist in Basingstoke for a suitable solution to missing teeth yourself. There are a few options for the replacement of missing teeth. The dentist will do the screening of your mouth and then will suggest the best possible options of treatments.

Needs Of Replacing Missing Tooth:

Better Chewing Of Food: Teeth break down the food while you eat it. Thus chewing and grinding whatever you eat becomes difficult without teeth. Moreover, without teeth, it also becomes extremely difficult to eat foods such as dried fruits and other food items that require force from the teeth to break them down such as apples and carrots. When someone eats food without chewing it, then it also becomes difficult to digest it.

Overcome Speech Difficulties: Teeth play a crucial role in your speech as you use lips, tongue, and teeth in the pronunciation of words. So it becomes difficult for some to speak with missing teeth. Interestingly, you need teeth to pronounce the word “teeth”.  When we speak there is a coordination between the tongue, cheeks, lips, teeth, and vocal cords.

Stimulation Of Jawbone: You will notice a change in your face structure due to missing teeth. In absence of teeth, your jawbone starts to shrink as it stops receiving stimulation from the teeth. This will result in facial sagging as your chin will become more pointed and facial muscles will become weak. Moreover, the Tooth plays a major role in the nourishment of the jawbone.

Boost Self Confidence: Missing tooth makes you hesitant to smile and laugh openly. This somewhere hurts the self-confidence of an individual. With missing teeth treatments you can restore your smile and regain your lost confidence.

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