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Negative Effects Of Vaping On Your Oral Health

Vaping is a device that heats up the liquid to create vapor once you inhale it. Examples of vaping are e-cigarettes, hookah, etc. Users of vaping put their oral health at the risk.  As it uses nicotine, cancer-causing chemicals, diacetyl, metals such as nickel, tin, and lead, and ultrafine particles that are inhaled into the deep lungs. So, it is toxic and addicting and you should talk to a private dentist in Basingstoke about its effect on your dental health. The dentist will screen for the effects of vaping such as broken teeth, tooth decay, stains, cavities, and more.

Effects Of Vaping On Your Oral Health Are:

Gum Infection: It is one of the most common ways that vaping hurts your dental health. As it contains nicotine which results in vasoconstriction. This reduces the blood supply in your gum thus putting your gums at the risk of infection. In addition to this, it also causes dry mouth. Saliva helps to combat bacteria. The lower level of saliva will be less effective in fighting out bacteria thus plaque will be accumulated under your gum line. Moreover, it also weakens the human immune system, the power of the human body to fight diseases. So, gum infection will grow quickly as compared to humans who do not smoke.

Loss Of Tooth: As vaping can result in severe gum infection. So gum diseases such as Periodontitis and Gingivitis in the advanced stage can cause tooth loss. Because vaping makes your gums the heaven for bacteria.

Mouth Sores: Sores are formed on the soft tissues of your mouth such as lips, gums, tongue, and cheeks. This causes irritation and can be considered the symptoms of life-threatening diseases like oral cancer.

Stains: Vaping can also discolor or stain your teeth. The color of your teeth changes from white to yellow.


There are some ways by which you can minimize these negative effects of vaping. You should drink water after vaping as it will rehydrate you. In addition to this, one should also limit the intake of nicotine. Last but not least, you should visit the dentist for regular dental cleanings.


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