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Poor Dental Habits You Must Avoid

We all know some common good dental habits to keep put teeth and gum healthy. But we should also know bad dental habits which should be avoided as it is equally important as following good habits. These bad habits can damage your teeth. The basic secret of good oral health is brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and visiting a private dentist Basingstoke every six months.

List of bad dental habits:

Nail Biting: Many people have the habit of biting their nails. But it is not good at all for your teeth as when you bite down your nail, there is a risk of altering the jaw’s position or the tooth can get chipped due to biting force or nail hardness.

Ice Chewing: Chewing ice can be a nice option to cool down in the summer, but it is risky for your oral health. As we all know that ice is very hard and the force applied by teeth to break it can destroy your enamel, the outermost layer of teeth.

Using Teeth As Tools: Some people do the mistake of using teeth as tools such as scissors, knives, etc. In general, teeth should only be used to chew or break food. If you try to use them as a tool, then you are putting them at risk of breaking or getting chipped.

Teeth Grinding: People sometimes unknowingly grind their teeth. This may be because of stress or due to biting misalignment. Grinding your teeth can destroy your tooth enamel which can lead to chipped teeth. In order to protect your mouth from teeth grinding, you can wear a nightguard while you go to bed.

Eating Unhealthy: Foods that contain high amounts of sugar can destroy your oral health. For example, foods such as soft drinks, candies, and chips, put your mouth at risk of cavities. Whenever you eat something that contains sugar, the bacteria in your mouth produce acid that wears down your enamel.

Smoking: Smoking puts your teeth at risk of decay and your gums at risk of infection. Moreover, cigarettes also contain chemicals that result in tooth discoloration. So if you smoke and need good oral health then you should quit it.

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