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Reasons Of Pain In Teeth And Gums After Flossing

Dentists recommend People should floss their teeth at least once a day. Flossing is a crucial habit for maintaining good oral hygiene. It cleans the food particles stuck between the spaces of teeth. The leftover food particles are the causes of many oral problems such as bad breath, cavities, etc. In addition to this flossing avoids the accumulation of plaque that eventually turns into tartar. A brush does not reach every part of the mouth. Thus flossing comes into the picture to completely clean the teeth. It is generally recommended to floss before you brush your teeth. Brushing lets the removal of food particles that are released after flossing.

Why sometimes there is a pain in teeth and gums after flossing:

If You Are New: Sometimes, when you are new to flossing and because of lack of practice there are chances that your teeth and gums can be hurt. Mastering at flossing technique requires practice and may take some time to do it in the right manner. Before starting flossing it is being advised to learn how to do it. If you are flossing your teeth many times, and you feel pain in your teeth, then you should take the advice of Private Dentist Basingstoke.

When You Have Sensitive Teeth: Teeth sensitivity is generally feeling pain and discomfort in teeth when they are responding to hot or cold temperatures. If you have sensitive teeth, then you should floss gently. Furthermore, if you floss too hard, then it may destroy the enamel, thus resulting in toothache.

If You Have Decayed Tooth: Usually tooth decay is caused by plaque and tartar which is a result of poor oral hygiene. It causes bacteria and infection around the area nearby the decayed tooth. When you floss such areas, then they are likely to cause pain. Furthermore, if you are experiencing pain in a certain area while flossing, then you should visit a dentist. The dentist will deep clean the infected part and the pain will be removed resulting by flossing.

Other Causes: If you have braces, then you might experience pain while flossing your teeth under some circumstances. Brush with soft bristles should be used and teeth should be cleaned gently. In addition to this, if you are using a hard-bristled toothbrush and brushing your teeth roughly, then it can destroy the tooth enamel. Moreover, with the problem of gum diseases, you are also likely to feel pain once you floss.

It is extremely significant to visit the dentist if you are feeling irritation and pain in teeth and gums.  A dentist will not only treat the cause but will also give you some tips on oral hygiene to improve your health.

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