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Reasons Of Replacing Missing Teeth

It is important to replace missing or lost teeth. There are many options for replacing teeth such as dental implants, veneers, bridges, dentures, etc. Although the common reasons for missing teeth are tooth decay, injuries, and cracked teeth. Many people think that they will not replace the missing tooth if it is not visible. But there are many devastating impacts of a missing tooth and thus it should be replaced. Missing teeth also let people hesitate in smiling freely and feeling embarrassed, thus negatively impacting their social life. Moreover, this can also reduce your self-esteem and self-confidence. If you have missing teeth, then you should meet a private dentist Basingstoke for the best possible options of treatment.

Why missing tooth should be replaced:

Bone Loss: When you lose your teeth, it can also lead to bone loss. Teeth stimulate the jawbone and this stimulation is responsible for the nutrients. Once the tooth is lost, the jawbone starts getting fewer nutrients and eventually it becomes weak. When the jawbone becomes weak, it starts changing shape. Your adjacent tooth begins to shift from its position thus causing a change in the shape of the face. This changed shape can result in sunken cheeks and receding jaws thus resulting in premature aging.

Difficulty in Eating: It becomes difficult and uncomfortable to eat your favorite food if you have missing teeth. As teeth help in biting and chewing food, nuts, and fruits like apples. Thus it can result in less nutrition and even you can stop enjoying eating your favorite food. Moreover, people with missing teeth also experience pain and foods stuck in the gaps created by the missing teeth. This can result in bad breath and can also become a haven for plaque and tartar thus causing damage to other teeth. Furthermore, it also puts your teeth and gums at risk of infection.

Shifting Of Teeth: Adjacent teeth begins to shift towards the space created by missing teeth. This results in crowding of teeth thus disabling them to bite properly which can also cause chipped and broken teeth.

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