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Reasons Your Teeth Hurts After You Eat Sweets

You are not alone if your teeth hurt after eating dessert or sweets. Pain and discomfort after eating sweets are faced by many people. The common cause of sensitivity is poor dental habits damage to the protective layers of teeth. Sugar turns into acid as soon as it enters your mouth. This encourages the growth of bacteria which as result causes a loss of enamel. Thus demineralizing the tooth enamel. To prevent this problem you can change your eating habits. You should reduce the intake of food that contains high sugar or are acidic in nature. Instead, you should add foods to your diet which protect your teeth' enamel.

Foods such as cheese, yogurt, vegetables, and fiber-rich food should be added to your diet. In addition to this, start using a brush with soft bristles and practice it in a gentle manner on the surface of teeth. It is also a wise idea to visit a private dentist in Basingstoke every six months to maintain good oral health.  Also, it is advised to drink more water as it thickens the saliva which helps to remove acid from the mouth.

Common causes of sensitivity are:

Tooth Enamel Loss: Tooth enamel is the outermost covering of the tooth that protects the tooth from chewing, biting, and grinding. When your tooth enamel starts eroding, the tooth becomes sensitive to sweet foods such as desserts and ice cream. If you eat food items like gummy sweets, candies, carbonated drinks, citric fruits, etc. These food items produce acid in your mouth.  This acid erodes the tooth enamel by demineralizing it. Thus making teeth sensitive to stimuli.

Teeth Whitening: The process of teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide. The whitening agent penetrates the teeth so that it reaches the dentin. This result gives tooth sensitivity for a shorter time span.

Gum Diseases: The bacteria that feed on sugar causes plaque on teeth and gums. Moreover, it erodes the tooth enamel and acid has reached the dentin inside. This plaque in turn leads to gum infection over a period of time. As the plaque is turned to its hardened form known as tartar. This tartar causes gum infection which makes gum irritated and bleeding.


If you are also facing this issue of sensitivity then you can use sensitive toothpaste. In advanced cases of sensitivity, you may need dental bonding.

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