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Simpli 5 Aligners Are Invisible
And Comfortable


Simpli5 are a series of clear aligners working to straightening mildly crowded or crooked front teeth. They are discreet, convenient and effective – thanks to custom-made aligners, which gently move your teeth up to 5mm.

There are five aligners, which will take your crooked smile to a confident smile in around 20 weeks.  Each aligner is worn for three to four weeks and it gently moves your teeth little-by-little, day by day.

The brace will anly work for you if you are wearing it, one of the benefits is you can remove the Simpli5 before eating, drinking and tooth brushing.

The benefits of Simpli5

  • Simpli5 is a affordable brace system
  • It’s made from a unique flexible duraclear material, which ensures gentle, consistent movement
  • Simpli5’s clear aligners are virtually invisible
  • Treatment is quick and convenient, with most cases completed within 20 weeks
  • You can remove your aligners to brush your teeth, helping to keep your smile in tip-top condition throughout your treatment.
  • Once Simpli5 treatment is completed, you must wear retainers at night time when you are sleeping, permanently.

How can Simpli5 help me?

The near-invisible removable fixture could encourage peace of mind among image-conscious wearers. The fast nature of the treatment may also appeal to people looking for speedy results. Simpli5 estimate that the improvements will be complete after a period of 3 months. During this time, patients will be asked to return for follow-up appointments to assess their progress and for any alterations that need to be made.

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