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Some Interesting facts about Teeth Whitening

Many people have yellow teeth or stains on their teeth. Sometimes this becomes embarrassing for them. Yellow teeth also reduce the confidence level of people as they hesitate to socialize with others. Common causes of discolored teeth are smoking, tobacco, tea, coffee, wine, and certain medications. To overcome this problem, dentists come up with a solution to teeth whitening. With teeth whitening, all the stains and discoloration are removed and teeth become shining white. It is a process of applying a bleaching solution of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Followed by this an oxidation reaction occurs that breaks down the staining agents.

Interesting facts about teeth whitening by Private Dentist Basingstoke:

Teeth Have Pores: It will be interesting to know that teeth are porous in nature and have pores like skin or sponge. Although it is not visible to the naked eye. When you consume anything that has color such as tea, coffee, wine, etc. these pores absorb stains from them. This changes the natural color of teeth. The teeth whitening process gently pushes out these stains from pores. After the process is finished teeth remineralize and the pores are shut. The process of Teeth whitening is totally safe and does not damage any tooth.

Teeth Whitening Was Accidentally Discovered: Yes, you heard this right. Teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide and it was used as an antiseptic. Thus people were encouraged to rinse their mouths to treat gum diseases. But over time it was discovered that it was teeth were becoming shining white and that’s how we have teeth whitening now.

Only Natural Teeth Are Whitened: Yes, you will be surprised to know that veneers, crowns, and caps do not change their color. Only natural teeth change their color. When veneers or crowns are installed the material is turned into darker colors to match the color of adjacent teeth. Veneers or Crowns are never stained. So if you have caps or veneers and you are planning for teeth whitening, then you should discuss it with the dentist.

One should only go for a professional emergency dentist Basingstoke for teeth whitening. This is because this process requires teeth whitening chemicals that can only be handled by a professional dentist. The severe stains cannot be removed overnight and can take up to a week time. Once teeth whitening is done, it can be maintained easily just by rinsing the mouth with a mouthwash.

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