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Some Tips to Minimize Cavities in Kids

Cavities have become common in kids nowadays. This can make your child can suffer from pain and irritation in teeth and gums. The common causes of cavities in kids are sugar candies, ice creams, chocolates, desserts, cakes, carbonated drinks. These foods leave acid in the mouth of children which erodes their tooth enamel and cause cavities. There are some common symptoms of cavities in children such as dark and white spots on teeth, sensitivity to cold foods, swelling in the mouth, etc. If you suspect cavities in your kid, then you should make an appointment with a Private Dentist In Basingstoke. The dentist will examine the teeth of your child and then start the treatment.

Tips To Prevent Cavities In Kids:

Avoid Candies: Candies have a high amount of sugar which produces acid in the mouth. This acid erodes tooth enamel and forms cavities. Cavities are holes in the teeth. So, the higher is the sugar intake, the more your kid is at risk of cavities. Hard candies, lollipops, caramels, and gummies should be avoided as they leave sugar in the mouth for more time. Moreover, hard candies can create more problems as they are hard to chew and can chip the tooth of your child. Instead, you should give your child sugar-free gums as they encourage the production of saliva. The saliva washes away the sugar, plaque and also neutralizes the acid.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated drinks, soda, soft drinks contain sugar, which damages the dental health of your child. So your child should limit the intake of these drinks. Instead, you should encourage your child to eat dark chocolate. It has less amount of sugar than milk chocolates, is low in GI Index, and is rich in antioxidants. Thus it will help in reducing the sugar intake of your child. Furthermore, you can choose a good time for your kids to eat candies. Kids can eat candies after they eat lunch, as at this time there are high levels of saliva in the mouth. So the sugar will be washed away in the mouth.

Stay Hydrated: Encourage your child to drink more water and stay hydrated. Water has essential minerals that help strengthen the tooth enamel, thus preventing cavities and tooth decay. After eating any sugar candy, it will be good for your child to gargle the mouth with water. In addition to this, encourage your kids to eat apples after meals. Apple contains fibers that will remove the unwanted sugar from the mouth of a child.

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