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Steps to treat a dental injury

You may suffer a dental injury at any moment of your life. During this time, you need to remain calm and patient. Although it depends on the injury whether there is a need of visiting a private dentist Basingstoke immediately or after some time. In dental emergencies, you can take some steps that will help you to prevent further damage. Some serious dental injuries can even cause tooth loss.

Steps to take in dental emergencies:

In case of knocked-out tooth: If your tooth is knocked out in an accident or you fall out. In such conditions, the very first step you should take is to call a dentist and fix an appointment. Now, you should pick up the crown from the ground and remove the dirt on it by rinsing it with water. After this, you should try to put and fix it in the socket. Place it incorrect position and put cotton on its top to keep it in place. Or else you can place the tooth in a container of milk or in salty water until treatment is started.  In the situation of a knocked-out tooth, you should not wait more and visit a dentist that you can meet immediately or in the minimum time.

In Case Of Cracked Tooth: A cracked tooth can be easily repaired by the dentist by using veneers. Although if the crack reaches the pulp then it may need root canal therapy. Broken and cracked teeth should not be left untreated for a long time as cracks can be increased and reached below the gum line thus can cause tooth loss. Some cracks don’t cause pain and discomfort, although these cracks can cause mild pain while eating and biting. Sometimes if you bite something hard and it cracks your tooth, then you should immediately rush to the dentist.

In case of lose crown: If the crown is broken, then identify and inspect the area. When the crown is in good condition and you have it then the dentist may reattach it. Although a dentist may recreate the replacement if the crown is lost. You should visit a dentist if you are experiencing pain.

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