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Teeth Alignment Issues Fixed By Invisalign

Invisalign is a thin clear aligner and an alternative to wired braces to straighten your teeth. These are very comfortable, transparent, and made from BPA-free plastic. There are a number of issues of teeth alignment that can be fixed by Invisalign. You just have to consult a private dentist in Basingstoke for the custom-made tray. 3-D images of your mouth and jaw will be created to make a complete plan for moving your teeth to the desired place. On basis of the plan, customized aligners will be created which will put pressure on your teeth. This will result in the slowly shifting and movement of teeth to the desired places. These aligner trays can easily be removed while eating, brushing, flossing, or for special occasions.

Dental Issues Fixed By Invisalign Are:

Dental Crowding: This is caused by lack of space, thus teeth are misaligned. Thus making it difficult to clean them, which put them at the risk of other diseases such as tooth decay. There are some other causes of dental crowding such as the small jaw, teeth being larger than the jaw, so they do not fit comfortably, Missing or broken teeth, etc. These issues are fixed by Invisalign.

Diastema: It is the gap or space between teeth. The primary reason for Diastema is the size of the teeth and jawbone. When the teeth are small from the jawbone, then it results in space. Invisalign is the solution for this spacing and gap. Over the years Invisalign has been effective in treating the gap.

Overbite And Underbite: Overbite, also known as buck teeth is the misalignment of the front teeth that extend beyond the lower teeth. This puts teeth at the risk of decay, pain, or infection. Whereas underbite is a misalignment when lower teeth extend beyond the front teeth. Invisalign can fix these misalignments by adjusting the teeth so that gap is minimized.

Crossbite: Crossbite is the result of the overlapping of rows of teeth. A crossbite can cause pain, but it’s possible to correct it with Invisalign. Its causes are poor oral health, genetics, or injury. What Invisalign does is that it moves the upper teeth towards lips and lower teeth towards the tongue. This results in space for teeth so that they can fit in a comfortable manner.

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