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Tips for recovery of dental implants

Millions of people lose their teeth due to infection, tooth decay, injury, or accident. Earlier only some of the solutions were available for missing teeth such as dentures and bridges. But now people also have the option of dental implants. It provides a strong foundation for the missing teeth that match with the natural teeth. Dental implants can last for a lifetime and give a feel of natural teeth. Patients can eat whatever they want to eat without any fear. You have to visit a Private dentist Basingstoke for the treatment. The patient must have sufficient jaw bone and healthy gums for the dental implants procedure.

It takes around 4 months for a patient to heal completely. First, the dental implant is integrated into your jaw bone, then the dentist connects the abutment to attach the artificial tooth. The healing time depends on many factors such as the number of teeth to be implanted, the health of your jaw bone, and the ability of the body to heal.

What to do for quick recovery of dental implants:

Rest: Once the surgery is finished, take off from work to take complete rest. Take a good sleep for better recovery and don’t do activities that are strenuous and put strain on the teeth. For more comfort during sleep, you can use extra pillows to elevate your head.

Oral Hygiene: You should maintain good oral hygiene after the surgery. Brush and floss every day, but leave the area where surgery is being done. Moreover, you should also avoid food that is spicy, too hot and cold, or chewy in nature. It will be better to eat soft foods such as oatmeal, yogurt, or soup that is not very hot.

Medicines: Whatever medicines the dentist has advised for recovery and healing, take those medicines on time. These medicines will help in reducing pain and discomfort.

Apply Ice: Applying ice on the jaw after dental implants surgery will reduce bruising, pain, and swelling. Ice should be applied for 30 minutes on the jaw and repeated for the next 24 hours. Moreover, if the surgery is done on both sides of the mouth, then apply ice on both sides and switch it. You will observe that swelling is reduced after a couple of days.

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