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Tips For You If You Have A Chipped Tooth

You can have a chipped tooth if you are met with an accident or you fall from stairs or you collide with other players while playing basketball. It is a kind of dental emergency in which you will feel a lot of pain and discomfort. Until you get an appointment with the dentist they are a need to protect your chipped. There are temporary repair tips that you can do at home before you reach a private dentist in Basingstoke. But if a tooth is knocked out, then you should reach the dentist within 30 minutes.

Steps to take if you chip a tooth:

Rinse Your Mouth: The first step is to rinse your mouth with warm water, apply pressure with gauze to stop bleeding. Furthermore, you can also use a cold compress to reduce swelling and pain. Luckily if you found the remaining tooth, take it with you to the dentist. You can take an anti-inflammatory tablet to reduce the pain or apply some clove oil to the affected area as it will give some relief in pain.

Cover the tooth: Make a call to your dentist and make an appointment. Now cover the sharp part of the broken tooth with chewing gum or wax. This will save your tongue and mouth from unwanted cuts or any damage.

Eat Soft Foods: If you are feeling hungry before the dentist appointment, then you can eat some foods that are soft and do not require force. Foods such as boiled eggs, yogurt can be eaten. Don’t eat foods that are hard such as carrots, apples, etc. And eat from the other side of the mouth. You can also take some drinks at room temperature. But if you drink something hot or cold, it might trigger some sensitivity.

Some broken tooth injuries may require treatment and some may not. If there is little damage, then the dentist can fix it either by dental bonding or by cosmetic contouring. In case, the cracks are deep, then they may require surgery or fill with root canal treatment.

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