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Tips to conquer dental anxiety

Many people become nervous as soon they think of visiting a dentist. There can be many causes of this fear such as past negative experiences, the sound of dental equipment, fear of pain, fear of needles, etc. Dental anxiety causes a delay in dental treatments thus putting your teeth and gums at the risk of infection. Patients who have dental anxiety may experience sweating, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, aggression or crying, trouble sleeping the night before, etc. Those who have dental phobia tend to visit a private dentist Basingstoke only when they have unbearable pain.

How to overcome the fear of the dentist:

Change Your Dentist: If you have faced negative experiences with your dentist in past, or you feel the dentist is rude. Then it’s better to search and look for other options. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with your dentist then it can be the cause of the dental phobia. So in such a situation change your dentist. You can ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues for references.

Meditation Techniques: You can use techniques that cool your mind before your appointment. Doing Meditation, and deep breathing exercises while waiting for your appointment in which you inhale and exhale slowly will lower your anxiety. Moreover, you can also listen to music by using headphones during the appointment.

Take Support: During the appointment take your friend, colleague, or relative along with you. This will give you emotional support. You can talk with your friend during the treatment or appointment, this will help you in distracting your mind from fear.

Start with Check-up: Instead of starting your treatment with the new dentist, it’s better to go for a general check-up. This will allow you to know about the dentist and thus trust can be built in some further appointments. Moreover reach the dentist's office before some time, as this will get you some time to get relax. As when you get delayed for an appointment, you can even get more anxiety as you will be in hurry. You can relax and watch TV or listen to your favorite songs when you reach before your appointment time.

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