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Tips To Maintain White Teeth

The occurrence of stained or pale teeth is common among people. There are many products on the market such as gel, toothpaste, strips, etc. that claim to turn your yellow teeth into white. Or you can visit a private dentist Basingstoke for a professional white teeth treatment. It is also important for an individual to maintain white teeth. Adopting poor oral hygiene and consuming some food items can turn the color of your teeth from white to yellow.

Methods To Maintain Shiny White Teeth:

Diet: One should take a diet that does not damage the tooth enamel or result in tooth discoloration. To maintain teeth like pearl white, you should add certain food items to your diet. You should add fruits to your diet such as strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and papaya. Fruits like apples help in keeping your teeth white and strong. Moreover, you should also add milk and dairy products to your diet. Milk contains a protein ‘Casein’ that prevents teeth from staining whereas cheese and yogurt have lactic acid that also prevents teeth from staining.

Limit Beverages: Consuming beverages such as soda drink, tea, and coffee in high limits also stain your teeth. To combat the effect of beverages you should rinse your mouth with water immediately after your drink them. The same stands with red wine. Moreover, you should also quit smoking as cigarettes also turn your teeth into yellow color.

Change Brush Every 3 Months: You should change your brush after every 3 months. As you will notice the brush bristles start becoming twisted. Brush with straight bristles can easily be navigated in the smaller space between your teeth. Thus it will effectively remove debris and leftover food from your mouth. You should brush for two minutes in a gentle manner twice a day.

Drinking more water and staying hydrated is also required to maintain good oral hygiene. Doing this will produce more saliva which will wash away the bacteria that damages your teeth.

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