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Tips To Teach Brush To Your Child

Good habits such as oral care should be taught at a young age. Some children are scared of brushing their teeth due to a variety of reasons. Parents can turn this fear into fun. Although at some point of time in their life, they will start doing brush twice a day themselves. Brushing is needed to maintain good oral health and to fight plaque and bacteria. Kids’ teeth are at the risk of infection as they eat sugar candies, ice creams, and drink soft drinks. So, instead of taking them to a private dentist in Basingstoke for treatment, you should make them learn about brushing their teeth.

How to make brushing a fun activity for your child:

Become An Example: You can become a teacher to your kid. Make your child stand near you while you do brushing and encourage him to imitate you step by step. If your child is watching you brushing, then most likely your child will make a habit of brushing. Moreover, you can also tell them stories about their favorite character that how brushing is a good habit. Another strategy for making your child brush is to play a game with them. You can reward kids when they brush or you can make a race with them who is going to finish the brushing first and will be the winner.

Bring Designed Brush: You should bring your child a brush that is attractive in design and is made for kids. Children like brushes that have designs of their favorite cartoon characters on them. Or you can also take a brush of their favorite color. The size of the brush must be suitable for their age so that they can brush conveniently.

Give Child Pea Size Toothpaste: A child does not know what amount of toothpaste is needed to brush. Children may squeeze out a huge amount of paste in their hands. This will make hands messy and it will also be a waste of paste. So, you should tell them that they have to take this much toothpaste for brushing.

Play Song: You can play a song for two minutes when your child starts brushing. Toothbrush songs can easily be found on the internet. Play the song and tell kids they cannot stop brushing till the song is finished.

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