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Tips To Use The Invisalign

Invisalign has been one of the best solutions for the misalignment of teeth. It is more convenient and comfortable than traditional braces, and hard to get noticed. You just have to visit a dentist for Invisalign treatment. A custom treatment plan is designed for every patient. Moreover, it would take only a few visit to the private dentist in Basingstoke.

Tips to properly use Invisalign:

Follow The Schedule: Trays are changed every one or two weeks. The dentist will recommend you on changing of trays to move your teeth at a decided pace. This will help you get the results in the desired time. You can mark the schedule of changing trays on the calendar or note it down on the phone or any copy. If there is a delay in changing the trays then the results can be slowed down.

Put Aligners 22 Hours In A Day: Invisalign trays only work, when you wear them. The dentist recommends putting on aligners for 22 hours a day, especially for the first two days. You should only take them out when you are eating or when you are cleaning your mouth. Make sure that you should not take them off for two hours stretch. You can set the timer on your phone when you take off the aligners.

Change Them At Night: It will be better to put a new aligner at the night. A new set of aligners put pressure on teeth to shift them and can cause pain and discomfort. The initial hours are the most painful that will be passed when you were sleeping. During the day you can take painkiller medicines to relieve the pain. Moreover, whenever you take off the aligners, put them in the retainer case. This will not let them accidentally lose and they will be safe. If you are out for a party, then you can put the retainer case in your bag.

Also, put a previous set of aligners with you as a backup tray. Because in case your aligners are lost, then the new set design will take one week. This period can make the teeth shift back and all the progress will be lost. In such a case put on the previous one as it will stop the shifting of teeth to the original position.

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