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Tooth Discoloration And Its Types

Stains on teeth are a common dental problem faced by people. There can be countless reasons for stains on teeth such as injury, medication, smoking, tobacco, consuming soda, beverages like tea, coffee, drinking wine, etc. Moreover, age is also a factor in the discoloration of the tooth as teeth become thinner over time and reveals the dentin. Dentin is pale in color. Further, lack of hygiene is also one of the major causes of tooth discoloration as plaque is build up. In some cases, it is also genetics as some people have white shining teeth and some have yellow teeth. Treatment of diseases done by radiation, and chemotherapy can also change the color of teeth.

If teeth discoloration is not getting better with whitening products, then you should visit a private dentist in Basingstoke for a checkup.

Different Colors Of Tooth:

Single Discolored Tooth: A single dark tooth is caused by either inside injury or cavity. Iron from the blood makes it dark by saturating the tooth.

White Spots: White spots on teeth are caused by dental fluorosis, in which a high amount of fluoride is consumed. Another cause is consuming foods that have sugar and are highly acidic in nature. Enamel hypoplasia is another cause of white spots on teeth which means a deficiency of enamel.

Dark Yellow: Dark yellow or brownish color is caused by the high consumption of tobacco products. Moreover, poor oral hygiene can cause tooth decay and may cause teeth to turn dark yellow or brown.

Yellow: Due to consumption of sugar and acidic food, or overage the enamel wears down which exposes the inner surface of teeth known as dentin. It is yellow in material under the enamel. Another reason may be smoking as it contains nicotine, which turns the teeth into yellow color. Moreover, the yellow color of teeth may be due to genes.

Grey, Amber, Or Purple: The main reason a tooth has purple, grey, or amber color is due to Dentinogenesis imperfect. It is a disorder of tooth development that also make tooth weaker and prone to tooth loss. It can be diagnosed by a dentist by conducting X-rays.

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