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Ways in which your dental appointment can be pain free

Many people get scared as soon as they heard the name of the dentist. This anxiety is because by experiencing pain during the process by the patients. Now with the latest technologies in treatment, the dental process has become painless. Painful dental treatments have become a thing of the past. To maintain good oral hygiene, you need to visit a dentist twice a year.

How Private Dentist Basingstoke Have Made Process Painless:

Local Anesthesia: It is the process of numbing an area of your mouth using a type of medicine called a local anesthetic. This is done by injecting the medicine into the check or gums of the patient. Thus the entire area of one side of your jaw is covered and the dentist can continue the treatment such as root canal, cavity filling, tooth extraction, etc. Another benefit of local anesthesia is that patient is conscious and able to communicate. Patients start experiencing the effect of anesthesia within 10 minutes and it lasts for about one hour.

Numbing Gel: It is used for patients who are scared of taking an injection or needles. The fear of needles or injections is common among patients. In such conditions, the dentist recommends using numbing gel to reduce the pain, thus allowing the patient to be calm and mentally prepared for the treatment. Dentists may also apply it to your gums before giving you the injection. Patients may not even feel the injection after applying numbing gel to the area.

Sedation Dentistry: This is used for extensive dental treatments such as dental implants etc. It is also known as “sleep dentistry” in which medications are used to ensure patients relax during the procedure. Common types of sedation dentistry are laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Moreover, sedation dentistry also allows dentists to perform many procedures simultaneously thus saving time, and hassle-free. Furthermore, patients also feel secure and safe without the stress of pain.

All these methods make the entire dental treatment process stress free and pain-free for the patients.

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