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What Are Some Common technique Of Brushing?

No one can ignore the importance of brushing as it improves oral hygiene. There are multiple benefits of brushing. It prevents plaque, cavities, tartar buildup, gum diseases and reduces the risk of oral cancer. Dentists recommend brushing twice daily. It's important to brush in a correct manner, as improper brushing can damage teeth and gums. The best time to brush is once in the morning, and then the night before going to bed. But you should wait to brush if you have consumed something which is acidic in nature. Brushing right after it can erode your tooth enamel.

Brushing too hard can also core off your tooth enamel. So it should be done in a gentle way. Moreover, it is also crucial to use the right type of toothbrush. It is being recommended that you should use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Hard bristle can damage your gums. You can take advice from a private dentist in Basingstoke about which type of brush you should use.

Common techniques of brushing are:

Bass or Sulcular Technique: This technique is most effective in fighting plaque and gingivitis. You should start it by putting the brush at a 45-degree angle and it should be done in a manner that it touches the gumline. Move the brush in circular order on teeth. Followed by this, take the brush to the back teeth and clean them inside by moving it back and forth. Now, tilt the brush vertically to clean the upper front teeth from inside and then front lower teeth from inside. And finally move the brush in front and back motion to clean the surface of molar teeth.

Charter Technique: This brushing technique is best for those who have spaces between teeth, gums are exposed to tooth roots, or you had surgery for receding gums in past. It is also a good option of brushing for those who have orthodontics appliance. It is done by placing the brush at 45 degree angle pointing towards tooth crown. Now gently move the brush in back and forth position for about 20 times. Repeat this process to cover all the teeth such as font teeth, molars, premolars and their inner surface.

Stillman Technique: This technique is somewhat similar to bass technique and is used to remove plaque and debris from teeth and gums. Do it on a small group of teeth, when you are done, move to the next group of teeth.

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