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What problems can be fixed by Invisalign

Invisalign has been a famous and effective method of teeth misalignment. It has many benefits over traditional braces such as it is hard to be noticed and patients do not have to compromise with their favorite food. You can discuss with a private dentist Basingstoke to find which Invisalign will be suitable for you. There are different types of Invisalign such as Invisalign full, lite, Express 10, Express 5, and i7.

Dental Complications Fixed by Invisalign are:

Crossbite: It is the misalignment of teeth in which upper teeth fit behind the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Crossbite can lead to many dental complications such as tooth decay, speech difficulty, and pain in the neck and jaw. This complication can be treated with Invisalign.

Crowded Teeth: Also known as dental crowding is caused by a lack of space for the teeth to grow straight, thus causing teeth to overlap each other. It is divided into three categories on the basis of severity, known as mild crowding, moderate crowding, and severe crowding. Dental crowding can be caused by Genetics, abnormal tooth growth, large teeth, or losing baby teeth prematurely. Invisalign realigns teeth by applying pressure in a gentle manner.

Gaps: Gaps between teeth can be eliminated by Invisalign. It applies pressure to the gapped teeth to shift them, thus making them more even.

Open Bite: It is a type of teeth misalignment in which there is an open space between the top and bottom teeth when the mouth is at rest. Invisalign will adjust the teeth and jaw which will reposition and close the gap.

Overbite: Also known as buck teeth is a type of misalignment in which upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth. Common causes are thumb-sucking and hereditary. It can lead to chewing problems, breathing problems, speech impediments, and more. Invisalign fixes this problem by pressurizing the top teeth upwards and pressing down the bottom teeth until the bite is in the correct position.

Underbite: It is the misalignment of the jaw when lower teeth extend to upper teeth. You can gently fix this problem with Invisalign.

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