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What To Expect After Dental Implants in Basingstoke

The procedure of dental implants is safe and painless. Natural-looking dental implants restore the power of bite and improve the appearance of the broken or missing teeth. Dentists generally use anesthesia to deliver a stress-free experience. Post-surgery there are some points that are expected by the patients at the time of recovery. Recovery might take time of months as implants are placed into the jaw bone.

What To Expect after surgery of dental implants in Basingstoke:

Relief In Pain: It is the concern of most people about pain and discomfort after the process of dental implants. Maybe after the surgery, you might feel pain. But medication is provided to eradicate pain. In most cases, pain generally occurs within 6 hours after the surgery.  Also, dentists prescribe to take complete rest and avoid exercise up to two days after the surgery.

Swelling: Swelling and bleeding are common after dental implants surgery. Patients might face the problem of swelling up to 72 hours after the surgery. Applying ice packs is advised by the dentists to control the swelling. For the first 24 hours after the surgery, applying ice packs for 20 to 25 minutes helps in reducing swelling. In addition to this, gauge packs are used to control the bleeding.

No Smoking after Surgery: Generally dentists advise patients not to smoke after the surgery for at least two weeks. As smoking puts your mouth at risk of infection after surgery. In fact, patients are advised to eat things that are nutritious. After the dental implants surgery, one should eat soft foods such as soup, milkshakes, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. In addition to this one should not consume hot food. As it can damage the surgery area resulting in more pain and bleeding.

Brush Softly: It is more important to maintain your oral hygiene after the surgery of dental implants. Use brush gently around the surrounding areas of surgery. Or you can rinse as it does not provoke pain and swelling. Good oral hygiene helps in healing quickly and smoothly.

In case you are facing discoloration of teeth, you should visit your private dentist in Basingstoke. Because of bruised tissue, the discoloration can occur post 2-3 days of surgery. The recovery period depends on the age, health, and hygiene of the individual.

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