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Why dental CT Scans are used by Private Dentists

CT scans have played a significant role to identify dental infections. Dental CT scans provide vivid 3d pictures of the tooth, jawbone, and other areas of the mouth. This helps dentists to identify the abnormalities so that they can give the best possible treatment to patients. Moreover, dental CT scans can easily identify the cavities in the hidden areas of the mouth and jaw. Furthermore, dentists use this in the process of dental implants, to diagnose oral disorders, as well as to conduct surgery of teeth.  However, it only takes 20 to 30 seconds to scan the full mouth, and to scan, a particular area just takes 10 seconds.

Benefits Of Using Dental CT Scans by Private Dentist Basingstoke:

To Get A Clear Picture Of Mouth: It reveals everything about the mouth. A dental CT scan can capture the mouth from different angles for better diagnosis and a complete evaluation. This will make it easier for the dentist to evaluate the situation of the mouth. In case of dental or gum infection, this helps the dentist to accurately diagnose and then give the medications. Furthermore, dentists can easily treat severe infections with help of a CT scan.

Improves Efficiency: Yes, it improves the efficiency of a dentist. As it hardly takes 40 seconds to capture vivid, clear, and 3d images from different angles. This saves time for dentists as they can identify oral problems. Thus dentists can easily treat more patients. In addition to this, it also saves a lot of time for patients as they receive quick treatment.

Scan Bones & Soft Tissues: The CT scan is more effective than X-rays. With X-rays, dentists only get images of teeth and jaw. On the other hand with a CT scan, the dentist gets 3d images of soft tissues along with bone and jaw. This helps the dentists to prepare an exact treatment plan for the patients.

Emergency Dentist Basingstoke can easily get hundreds of images from every angle to get a detailed view of the mouth. In addition to this, it is a painless procedure. Furthermore, with help of CT scans, dentists can easily design the proper bite without misaligned implants.

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