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Why straight teeth are necessary for good dental health

Some people face the problem of misaligned teeth. This can become a root cause of many oral diseases and can even result in tooth loss. Straight teeth also improve your overall look as it gives you a beautiful smile. You can visit the private dentist in Basingstoke for treatment of teeth misalignment. There are many treatment methods such as Invisalign, metal braces, and aligners for teeth straightening.

Benefits Of Straight Teeth For Good Oral Health:

Easy To Clean: It is easier to brush and floss straight teeth as compared with misaligned teeth. Moreover, the possibility of decayed teeth is also reduced as in the case of overcrowded teeth, a tooth overlaps the adjacent tooth. This space becomes a home for the accumulation of bacteria which destroys the tooth enamel and thus causes cavities. These cavities result in tooth decay. With straight teeth, the chances of accumulation of bacteria are less as teeth can be cleaned easily.

Improved Speech: Teeth play an important role when you pronounce words. There is the use of teeth in pronouncing some sounds such as th, f, v, etc. Misaligned teeth create a space between them which can change the sound of words and change the airflow. This affects the speech and pronunciation of certain words. So with the teeth straightening treatment, you will notice an improvement in your speech.

Better Digestion: Yes, misaligned or overcrowded teeth can also affect the digestion of food and there is a direct connection between crooked teeth and food digestion. Because with misaligned teeth, it becomes difficult to chew food. When you chew food easily and thoroughly, food gets digested in a better way. Poorly chewed food also makes the intestine and stomach work harder in digesting it.

Improved Self Esteem: Misaligned teeth stop you from smiling freely as you become self-conscious about feeling embarrassed when you smile in front of people. Somewhere, this also harms your self-confidence as you may avoid being social and meeting your friends. Straight teeth improve your smile and appearance, thus giving you a boost in self-confidence.

You can easily avoid these dental complications with teeth straightening treatments.

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