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Why There Is Need To Floss?

For years, dentists are recommending to floss. It is the process of cleaning the spaces between teeth with a wax string known as dental floss. As brush cannot reach every corner of the mouth, that’s why floss comes into the picture. It removes all the debris and leftover food particles from the mouth. A private dentist In Basingstoke can tell by looking at your gums that you don’t floss. Moreover, it is crucial to floss with the right method. If you do it in an improper manner, then it may hurt your gums.

Different Benefits Of Floss:

Prevent Plaque: Plaque is a colorless, pale film formed between the spaces of teeth. It starts causing bad breath. This plaque release acid which erodes your tooth enamel. If this plaque starts building up, it starts causing cavities which may lead to infection and even tooth loss. Over time, this plaque becomes hardened and turns into tartar. When you floss regularly, it removes plaque and leftover food from the space between teeth.

Cavities: Cavities are the holes in the teeth. These holes are the result of plaque. So with regular floss, you get rid of plaque and hidden food particles. Thus, the risk of cavities is reduced. The more plaque you have on your teeth, the greater chances are of cavities. Although the formation of cavities from plaque takes a longer time.

Prevent Gum Diseases: Along with brushing, if you floss regularly then the chances of gum diseases are reduced. The initial stage of the gum disease is gingivitis, in which you experience bleeding and swelling in the gums. If it is not treated on time, then the infection becomes severe and can even cause tooth loss.

Bad Breath: It is also known as halitosis and many people face this problem. When you floss regularly, the leftover food particles are also removed from the space between teeth. This debris is the primary cause of bad breath. Over time, these food particles start decaying. If these are not removed, they start creating a bad smell in the mouth.

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