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MTM® No™
Lingual Braces

MTM No™ Lingual Braces

You no longer have to wear bulky metal appliances, you can wear a brace system without anyone knowing you are having your teeth straightened with  MTM No™ lingual braces.

How It Works

‘Lingual braces’ refers to an appliance installed on the back of the surface, or tongue side, of your teeth.  The brackets and wires for your braces are attached to the back of the tooth surface.  Making this dental work method invisible when you smile.

The smooth bracket system is designed to be comfortable for you to wear, as the appliance is attached to the backside of each tooth and you will be less likely to suffer injuries from sports activities.  Your brace will not make contact with your lips or cheeks.

MTM stands for Minor Tooth Movement, this system offers excellent results for teeth with minor gaps or twisting or tilting. Lingual braces will also work where a few teeth sit too low or high compared to the rest.

If you would like to learn more about  MTM No™ lingual braces or schedule an appointment, please give us a call.

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