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Are You Nervous About The
Dentist – Don’t be!


We understand people are anxious at the thought of the dentist. Here at Hampshire Dental Care we have built up a reputation to put nervous patients at ease.

The whole dental care team is sympathetic to your anxiety, and we listen carefully to your concerns and take everything entirely at your pace, so you can with time look forward to your visits.


The first step you can make in overcoming phobia is to recognise it and understanding that something can be done about it, you are not alone. There are several ways in which we will try and help you overcome your fear and anxieties, and there are a few things you can do yourself.

  • Communicating your concerns and fears, at Hampshire Dental Care we are good listeners, which can help relive your anxieties. It is important to talk about your fears and concerns with us comfortably.
  • We will give you a full explanation of the procedures involved, answer any questions and go through it step by step, and something as simple as this will relieve the fear of the unknown
  • We ask you to be honest with your dentist if you feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth or lack of previous dental care. The important thing is you are taking the right direction to actually being there.
  • We offer sedation via intravenous (injection) which will calm and relax you and will not prevent communication

Modern dentistry is very customer focused and as such, a range of sedation and relaxation techniques have been developed to help anxious patients overcome their fears.

What is Sedation?

An effective way to treat the most nervous of patients is via intravenous sedation (injection). The drugs have a relaxing and calming effect but don’t prevent communication between dentists and patient so treatment can still be carried out easily. Weight, age and medical condition must be assessed before suitability for this kind of sedation is determined but this would all be discussed during the consultation with the dentist. We have a specialist who comes to the practice to carry out sedation treatment.

How Will IV Sedation In Surgery Affect Me?

Whilst IV sedation will make you drowsy and unaware of the treatment you are undergoing, you will remain lucid enough to communicate and cooperate with the dental team. The effects of the sedative will take time to wear off and you won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or work machinery during this time so it is important that someone can help you home after treatment and keep a careful eye on you for sometime afterwards. Your dentist will tell you how long it will be before the drugs are completely clear from your body. If you haven’t visited the dentist in a while or feeling anxious about seeing the dentist, please do not be embarrassed about the state of your teeth. Our dentists are Dental phobia certified and their job is to look after your teeth. Whatever the reason for your dental anxiety, we will take it very seriously and talk to you in depth about your concerns.

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