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Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Results with Hampshire Dental Care

What is Philips Zoom?

Philips Zoom whitening is an in-surgery whitening system that takes an hour or two. This whitening procedure involves the careful application of peroxide to the tooth surface then a specialised light unit is used to activate to breakdown of the peroxide to speed up the whitening process.

Every Zoom whitening safe treatment includes a take home kit to enhance and consolidate the lighter tooth colour.

Philips Zoom teeth whitening will give you whiter teeth in a matter of hours.

Teeth whitening is now very popular and can make a dramatic improvement to your smile. It does no damage to your teeth and can be repeated as much as you wish. This is excellent way to freshen up your smile and gain confidence.  Stained teeth can leave you feeling unattractive and lead to low self-esteem.

Whitening can give you back the beautiful smile you deserve. Over time, teeth gradually yellow in colour. If you drink coffee, tea or red wine, or if you smoke, your teeth will become even more stained and discolored.

Teeth whitening is an effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. With today’s variety of teeth whitening methods and technologies, your smile can easily be whitened in a number of ways.

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a process where the tooth discolouration is ‘whitened’ to a lighter shade.  It is a safe procedure when carried out under professional supervision.

The whitening process takes about an hour, and may take several treatments to achieve the desired results and bleaching trays for home use may be needed as well to improve or maintain those results.

How long do the results last?

By following simple post whitening care instructions, your teeth will always be lighter than they were before.  To keep both your teeth looking their best, we recommend flossing, brushing twice daily.

Are there any side effects?

Sensitivity during the treatment may occur with some patients.  The Zoom! light generates minimal heat which may be a source of discomfort, on rare occasions.

Teeth whitening may be carried out at home using special mouth trays and a mild bleaching agent is carefully applied to the teeth.

Home (Tray) Whitening)

Custom fitting soft whitening trays are made into which the whitening gel is placed. Typically they have to be worn overnight. Different concentrations of gel can be used in different circumstances and the dentist will prescribe the concentration that they feel most appropriate. Typically the trays are worn over a 2-4 week period.

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