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White Fillings

Silver or gold filing materials were once the only way of replacing missing or damaged tooth. These metal materials may now be replaced by new white plastic fillings, which can be selected to match the exact shade and colour of the tooth. This makes it possible to repair a damaged tooth so that it looks as good as new once again. No one likes to show grey or black looking metal in their mouths while smiling and so this is why white fillings were developed.

These materials are used to repair teeth damaged through decay or trauma and blend with the surrounding tooth colour to give a perfect match and indistinguishable repair. There are two types of white fillings, which are just as strong as the old metal one.

The first type is made by the dentist and is fitted in only one visit, the appointment normally lasting no more than an hour. The second type is needed when the defect is quite large and the final repair needs to be stronger.

These white fillings are called on lays and they are made from the porcelain. These on lays are made and processed at the dental laboratory and so two visits are required and is usually completed within two weeks. At the clinic we will advise you on the best type of white filling for your tooth.

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